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LHSM Series Mini Laboratory High Shear Mixer

Sep. 21, 2022


In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has gradually increased its attention to experimental equipment. At the same time, under the influence of "consistency evaluation" and "purchase with quantity", a large number of pharmaceutical enterprises have focused their attention on drug innovation and process innovation.

In order to meet the higher requirements of current customers for drug R&D and process innovation, Canaan has launched a new generation of laboratory coater, which minimizes the process impact during equipment scale-up, and simplifies the operation steps.

LHSM Series Mini Laboratory High Shear Mixer

Canaan's newly designed LHSM Series Mini Laboratory High Shear Mixer, integrated the functions of stirring, mixing, cutting and binder charging, is a process equipment for preparing wet granules in the pharmaceutical laboratory. It has the following features:

Feature 1: Single machine to achieve multi - cylinder stable process amplification

With Canaan’ module design, the main machine and operation cabinet of the LHSM High Shear Mixer can be assembled quickly. When the material bowl is changed, the reducer is replaced accordingly, which can effectively ensure the rotation speed of the impeller and make the scale-up more reliable.

LHSM Series Mini Laboratory High Shear Mixer

Feature 2: Multiple types of impellers

LHSM series High Shear Mixer can configure impellers with a variety of angles, shapes and structures to meet the different needs of customers in the process of drug development and amplification.

LHSM Series Mini Laboratory High Shear Mixer

Feature 3: Diversified selection of choppers

The impact of the choppers on the granulation of the material is very obvious. Through long-term trial production and testing, Canaan has explored a variety of choppers with different structures for customers to choose.

The most representative is the lancet, which can meet the needs of most customers. In addition, there are two-blade multi-angle choppers, two-blade eccentric choppers, and three-blade choppers, etc. to meet the granulation process and parameters of different materials of customers.

LHSM Series Mini Laboratory High Shear Mixer

Feature 4: Different types of blinder charging

Different adhesives require different charging methods and nozzles. Binder charging methods Canaan provides: pressured blinder charging, peristaltic pump and diaphragm pump charging, plunger pump/screw pump charging, etc. Based on the character of adhesives, Canaan can provide different types of spray guns and nozzles according to customer needs to achieve better pelleting effect.


Feature 5: Powerful functional platform

The Techpro M flexible operating system independently developed by Canaan is further seamlessly integrated with the MES system to fully support factory informatization production and Industry 4.0 Canaan intelligent manufacturing. Powerful and easy-to-operate batch material control, production status cloning, batch traceability and parameter restoration functions; convenient and efficient data analysis function, detailed comparison of running process, formula setting, parameter configuration and trend curve, etc., provide rich data support for drug R&D and pharmaceutical process development; built-in audit trail function, electronic signature and electronic record of equipment operation process; built-in electronic maintenance system, provide customers with preventive maintenance function, maintenance plan provides efficient throughout the equipment life cycle , accurate and professional maintenance guidelines.

LHSM Series Mini Laboratory High Shear Mixer

Feature 6: Postmodern industrial concept design

Canaan has an in-depth understanding of the physical and mental demands of users, and further develops products that meet the needs of humanization. The super-sized industrial operation screen is integrated into the equipment, the operation field of view is wider, and the monitoring display is clearer; the operation interface can be displayed on a split screen to realize multi-interface collocation. For example, the process parameters, trends and other data can be displayed synchronously on the interface while debugging the equipment, so that the drug development process is more intuitive. 

In order to improve the user experience, Canaan designers integrated the inspiration from the design "diamond" into the whole machine, multi-faceted structure, stronger sense of line, breaking through the rigid design of pharmaceutical equipment. At the same time, it pioneered the use of marble as the main plate not only has a more atmospheric appearance, but also solves the problem that the surface of the stainless steel plate of the traditional equipment is easy to be scratched, and it is not easy to clean after being scratched.



Canaan is committed to becoming the leading customer expert of pharmaceutical equipment products. It can provide a full line of solid preparation laboratory equipment. Pharmaceutical enterprises and schools are welcome to call and leave a message for consultation, look forward to serving you.

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