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Canaan Hosts Grand Ceremony 2020

Jan. 20, 2020

On January 17, the Canaan 2020 Annual Ceremony was grandly held at Wenzhou Elephant City Yipin International Banquet Center. Canaan's Chairman Fang Hengzhi, Vice Chairman Fang Zhiyi, General Manager Fang Zheng and other senior leaders attended the ceremony. The leaders and colleagues of each subsidiary were invited to participate, and everyone gathered together to summarize the achievements made in the past year and plan the development of the new year.

Time is passing very fast, 2019 is over, and 2020 is on the way. The new year, a new starting point also means new opportunities and challenges. The annual ceremony officially opened in the solemn national anthem. Then everyone watched the annual video together. The video focuses on the typical employees of the company, explaining the five dimensions of "persistent perseverance", "mission determination", "excellence of ingenuity", "love to create value" and "confidence in confidence" The glorious deeds of the beginning of heart and hard work.

During the grand ceremony, the general manager Founder delivered a keynote speech, summarized the company's achievements and shortcomings in the past year, and made plans and prospects for the next five years. The only constant in the world is changing. From the development of the pharmaceutical industry to the analysis of the pharmaceutical equipment industry, Mr. Fang said that the company will continue to focus on "high-end", "intelligent", "integrated", "international", "relevant "diversification", while continuously strengthening the construction of core talents, technological innovation and informatization platforms, and striving to become a leader in intelligent manufacturing overall solutions for the domestic pharmaceutical equipment industry.

Canaan Hosts Grand Ceremony 2020

Recognizing outstanding employees is an important agenda of this annual ceremony, during which employees and teams that have achieved outstanding results in 2019 are commended and awarded. Among the winners is the "Star of the Year", outstanding newcomers, ten-year honorable employees, outstanding managers, but also outstanding groups such as special contributions, gold medal marketing, outstanding marketing, team innovation, and billion members club members.

Night fell, and the annual party officially started in the speech of Chairman Fang Hengzhi. In order to create a wonderful audio-visual feast, the versatile Canadians directed and performed themselves. They prepared elaborate performances that were dazzling and enthusiastic, dynamic dances, passionate solos, and affectionate choruses, with unique poetry recitations, three and a half sentences, Sketches, rich in variety, exciting again and again. In addition to the performance of the show, the party also set up exciting draws, applause, cheers, cheers accompanied by laughter, echoed at the party for a long time.

Canaan Hosts Grand Ceremony 2020

Canaan Hosts Grand Ceremony 2020

We will continue to welcome the new year and advance with the times to celebrate the new year. On the new journey, we have a beautiful and full of expectations, and we are fighting together for a dream. Let us use life to influence life, and dreams to ignite dreams!

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