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Canaan donates 50,000 masks to contribute society

Mar. 06, 2020

Canaan donates 50,000 masks to contribute society

Canaan donates 50,000 masks to contribute society

After the COVID-19 pneumonia broke out, all sectors of society donated actively, continued to provide support to the epidemic frontline. After knowing the domestic epidemic, Canaan's international marketing manager in the United States also spared no effort to contribute her strength. In the name of the company, she urgently purchased 50,000 masks from New York and donated all of them to government.

In order to get the supplies, it took so many twists and turns. "I have always wanted to make a contribution to the prevention and control of the epidemic." When hearing about the situation that masks and relative supplies are urgently needed in China, she immediately sought for resources, contacted all of her friends and colleagues to find mask supplies.

Canaan donates 50,000 masks to contribute society

"Because of the high demand for masks, there are also out-of-stocks in many places here in the United States. We traveled around and ended up working hard." she said.

At present, the 50,000 masks have been transported to China by air, arrived safely and used for local epidemic prevention and control.

Canaan believes that there is no insurmountable challenge. For the health of humanity worldwide, Canaan will stand united with all Chinese people and also devote own strength to fight against the epidemic.

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