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Development Direction of Tablet Press Machine under New Economic Model_ Performance

Jun. 04, 2021


    Since the reform and opening up, China's economy has grown rapidly and become the second largest economy in the world. In this process, China's economy has formed a unique development model, and its achievements have attracted the attention of the world. However, the "Pearl River Delta" model, the "Southern Jiangsu" model and the "Wenzhou" model are all based on China's huge demographic dividend, with high investment and large expansion as the driving force of development. Those models depend on the large-scale market and the support of the high proportion of labor force. With the continuous emergence of new forms of Chinese society such as aging, low fertility rate and informatization, China's economic model is gradually developing towards "Service", which will have a profound impact on the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical equipment industry in the secondary industry。

    Under a series of social and economic situations, such as the weakening of labor supply and changes in the values of the working population, what new demands do customers have for the core equipment of solid dosage--tablet press machine? What are the original needs amplified?

  01 Demand is the direction  

    The core of the above contradiction is the lack of labor force, so the demand is centered on "people".

     First of all, the higher requirements of employees in terms of income, safety and working environment pose new challenges to the performance and safety of tablet press machine;

    Secondly, due to the improvement of employees' requirements, enterprises try to shorten working hours and non-production time;

    Finally, in the face of increasing costs and fierce market competition, enterprises will spontaneously reduce all kinds of waste.

  02 Performance of Tablet Press Machine  

What is the performance?

    The performance of the press machine refers to: 1. Speed, 2. Tablet weight control, 3. Stable Operation. In fact, these three aspects are not isolated, without accuracy weight control and stable operation is not the real high-speed tablet press machine. Therefore, it can be said that "Fast, Accurate and Stable" is Trinity.

What are the requirements for high performance?

1. Solid structure

    The stability of the machine is the prerequisite of the performance, the mechanical parts bear the vibration impact during the process of tablet pressing, so that the accuracy is easy to lose. Vibration also has an adverse effect on the accuracy of filling and pressing pressure. Therefore, a solid structure is conducive to reducing the amplitude, protecting the accuracy and improving the fatigue life of parts.

2. Part Accuracy and Technical Level

    The rotary tablet press machine usually has dozens of punch positions. In order to keep the same weight and hardness of the tablet pressed from each punch position, it is necessary to reduce the individual difference during filling and the non-uniformity during tablet pressing. This requires a high-precision turret and roller (turret to be very flat and roller to be very round), and it should be achieved not only at static state, but also when operation. Therefore, the bearing supporting rotation and the process of assembly are equally important.

3. Position Accuracy of Motion Mechanism

    The production of different products requires different filling amount and pressing thickness. Even if the same product is produced, the site location needs to be adjusted refer to the change of the material bulk density and charging state. Therefore, the positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of the site are very important.

4. Precision Measurement System and Fast calculation

    In the process of tablet pressing, the weight of tablet can't be measured directly. Usually, the weight of tablet is equivalent to the change of pressure value. Therefore, the "ruler" of measuring system is the key to judge. Tablet pressing is a continuous process with very fast speed, the collected pressure data should be converted from analog quantity to digital signal, and be calculated. The result will affect the system to issue commands such as waste tablet rejection, filling automatic adjustment, alarm and shutdown. Therefore, high-speed of acquisition, calculation and command can ensure that these actions do not lag behind.

  03 Examples  

    Canaan 's T-Series High-speed Tablet Press Machine is in the forefront of the industry in terms of performance.

    1. The four columns are installed on the four corners of the outer edge with the longest force arm and the best torsion resistance; Strengthening the column and pouring damping material can effectively reduce the amplitude;

Development Direction of Tablet Press Machine under New Economic Model_ Performance

    2. High precision, high wear resistance punch and roller are manufactured according to European standard, equipped with the world's top bearings to make the core parts run more smoothly, with low heating, low noise and long service life;

Development Direction of Tablet Press Machine under New Economic Model_ Performance

    3. Compared with non-modular design, the precision of modular design is one order of magnitude higher; The positioning accuracy of the precision screw with clearance elimination device is 0.01mm;

Development Direction of Tablet Press Machine under New Economic Model_ Performance

    4. German custom-made high-precision weighing sensor, located under the roller, can directly measure the tablet pressure, with high sensitivity, low delay and straight characteristic curve, ensuring accurate and real-time value; The combination of high-performance PLC and industrial PC has fast operation speed and constitutes a powerful control system.

Development Direction of Tablet Press Machine under New Economic Model_ Performance

  04 Validation Data  

Powder Direct Pressure Test under Blank Material

    Model T420-31d, press 10 mm round shallow concave tablet (tablet weight 0.3 g, main pressure 14KN, hardness 26N), take samples of 5 times the punches at different speed, calculate the range and relative standard deviation of tablet weight, the test curve is shown in the figure below:

Development Direction of Tablet Press Machine under New Economic Model_ Performance

    It can be seen from the curve that even at the high speed of 80 rpm, the pressing process is always stable and the weight difference is < ± 1.2%, much higher than the Pharmacopoeia requirement < ± 5%.

Customer Case - High Pressure and Hardness Tablet Production

    The model T700-51D is used to produce 20x9 elliptical tablet (weight 1200mg, hardness 225N, output 250000 / h, main pressure 42KN), and the final measured weight difference is < ± 2%, material yield > 99%

Development Direction of Tablet Press Machine under New Economic Model_ Performance

Canaan T Series Tablet Press Machine has excellent performance, no matter whether the powder is pressed directly, high speed, or high pressure, special-shaped tablet, micro tablet, micro pellets.

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