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Canaan Launched A New Version Of The "Occupational Health And Safety System" Training

Mar. 29, 2019

As a company that manufactures Pharmaceutical Equipment, in order to further standardize occupational health and safety management and reduce the incidence of industrial accidents, in line with relevant government laws and regulations, from March 16th to 17th, Canaan organized a two-day occupational health and safety system (ISO45001). :2018) Training. The training instructor was Zhao Zhongtian from Fangyuan Mark Certification Group Shanghai Co., Ltd., executive director Zhou Yuhong, international marketing manager Chen Chunyan, production manager Wen Zhong and other middle and high-level backbones of the company participated in the training.

The training mainly includes standard content understanding, standard changes, related safety laws and regulations training, and another test and effect evaluation, to examine the quality and level of learning of the participants, and to award the ISO45001:2018 internal auditors with qualified test scores. certificate. At present, 15 employees including Chen Chunyan, Wang Xiaohong and Xie Saijie have passed the examination and obtained the certificate.

Establishing a comprehensive occupational health management system can ensure the health and safety of employees, comply with relevant laws and regulations, ensure the effectiveness of business management, improve operational efficiency, and avoid major losses due to safety production accidents or human error. The importance and necessity of the occupational health management system in the enterprise management system is self-evident. Participants in the training have said that through this study, they have a better understanding of occupational health, and have a deeper understanding of the impact of occupational diseases, the identification of hazards and corporate responsibility.

2019 is the "Process Remanufacturing Year" of Canaan Company. Through this training, it is beneficial to enhance the company's overall process management level and safety performance from the company, department to individual, and promote the company's rational and efficient development.

Occupational Health And Safety System Training

Occupational Health And Safety System Training

Occupational Health And Safety System Training

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