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Canaan Organized An Incentive Manager Training

Jul. 01, 2019

Management Dr. Peter Drucker once said that the only constant in the world is change. The internal and external environment facing enterprises is changing with each passing day. Traditional management concepts and management models are experiencing new opportunities and challenges. Therefore, it is necessary to train a group of motivated managers with modern management concepts, good communication and collaboration skills, and promote high-quality development of enterprises through high-quality communication.

Canaan Organized An Incentive Manager Training

On June 29th, a training course on the theme of “Activity Management Training” was conducted in an orderly manner on the fifth floor of the Canaan Science and Technology Administration Building. The training was led by the Human Resources Department of the company's administrative center. The SEG Education Specialized Lecturer and the International Association of Initiatores, the first batch of authorized lecturers, Wei Li, as lecturers, and more than 30 employees from different centers, departments and workshops. People attend training.

Canaan Organized An Incentive Manager Training

In the training class, the teacher introduced the basic concepts of the motivated manager and the three core skills of “questioning”, “listening” and “neutral”, and introduced the “diamond model” and “focusing conversation method (ORID)”. The related models and tools have been explained in detail. Through a large number of case and scene design, the teacher guides the students to conduct experiential training according to the actual work situation, and combines various teaching methods such as role-playing, case analysis and practical tools to impart knowledge and skills to ensure that the students learn the income and learn. Useful. The students listened carefully and participated in the event, and maintained communication and interaction with the teacher throughout the process.

Canaan Organized An Incentive Manager Training

Canaan Technology always attaches great importance to employee training and regards training as an important means to promote high-quality development of enterprises. The company regularly organizes various thematic trainings, aiming to improve the professional knowledge, professional skills and comprehensive quality of employees, and cultivate the spirit of employees' willingness to learn and be creative.

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