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BGM Series Mini Laboratory Coater

Sep. 01, 2022

Canaan Technology: Focus on health value



In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has gradually increased its attention to experimental equipment. At the same time, under the influence of "consistency evaluation" and "purchase with quantity", a large number of pharmaceutical enterprises have focused their attention on drug innovation and process innovation.

In order to meet the higher requirements of current customers for drug R&D and process innovation, Canaan has launched a new generation of laboratory coater, which minimizes the process impact during equipment scale-up, and simplifies the operation steps.

 BGM Series Mini Laboratory Coater

BGM Series Mini Laboratory Coater is a kind of equipment that can carry out organic film coating, water soluble film coating, slow/controlled release coating process for tablets, pills, candies, etc.  It is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, chemical and health care products and other industries. This product has the following features:


Feature 1: Modular coating module, flexible switching of experimental capacity

BGM Series Mini Laboratory Coater

In order to meet the needs of customers with different specifications of the process experiment or process amplification, BGM5 series coater adopts modular coating drum, by changing the coating module can achieve 0.5-20L production, to maximize the saving of process development costs.

Feature 2: Laboratory functional design, improve the convenience of the experiment

Following functions of BGM are designed to be used in the laboratory conveniently:

◎ Provide reverse discharge function for convenient operation;

◎ Wide field observation window, providing a broader experimental monitoring perspective;

◎ Integrated peristaltic pump binder charging system, easy for binder charging process control, monitoring and data recording;

◎ Ex-proof electrical system provides better security for the experimental process;

◎ Hidden storage space, easy to store or place the binder charging container;

◎ It can be equipped with OEB4/5 high containment protection measures to meet the production of highly toxic/highly active drugs;

◎ Auto CIP cleaning design can be configured to achieve rapid cleaning and improve efficiency

 BGM Series Mini Laboratory Coater

Feature 3: Professional blade design, improve the coating effect

BGM Series Coater adopts patented coating pan, whale-shaped blade, no need to adjust when installation, can effectively avoid tablet jamming, sliding, etc.; The blade designed in dumping pattern can make the tablet in the coating drum move in multiple dimensions, optimizing the tablet droplet flow pattern for evenly spraying. The height and orientation of the blade can make the tablet automatically turn over in the guiding movement, realize rapid mixing, and improve the uniformity of coating.

BGM Series Mini Laboratory Coater


Feature 4: Powerful function platform

TechproM flexible operating system, independently developed by Canaan, further integrates seamlessly with MES system, fully supporting the factory information production and industry 4.0 Canaan intelligent manufacturing.

◎ Powerful batch material control, production status cloning, batch traceability and parameter reduction;

◎ Convenient and fast data analysis function, detailed comparison of operation process, formula setting, parameter configuration and trend curve, provides rich data support for drug research and development and pharmaceutical process development;

◎ Built-in audit trail function, electronic signature and electronic record of equipment operation process;

◎Built-in electronic maintenance system provides customers with preventive maintenance function. Maintenance plan provides efficient, accurate and professional maintenance guidance in the whole life cycle of equipment.

BGM Series Mini Laboratory Coater


Feature 5: Postmodern industrial concept design

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the concept of industrial design has undergone profound changes, and people pay more attention to the feeling of use, rather than limited to the hard indicators of products.

Canaan has an in-depth understanding of the physical and mental demands of users, and further develops products that meet the needs of humanization. The super-sized industrial operation screen is integrated into the equipment, the operation field of view is wider, and the monitoring display is clearer; the operation interface can be displayed on a split screen, realize multi-interface collocation, for example, the process parameters, trends and other data can be displayed simultaneously on the interface while debugging the equipment, making the drug development process more intuitive.

At the same time, in order to improve the user experience, Canaan will be derived from the "diamond" inspiration into the design of the whole machine, multi-faceted structure, a stronger sense of line, breaking through the dull design of pharmaceutical equipment.

BGM Series Mini Laboratory Coater

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