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Canaan Exhibited at Maghreb Pharma 2015 in Algiers, Algeria

Apr. 05, 2017

During 29th Sep to 01th of Oct 2015, Canaan exhibited at Maghreb Pharma Expo 2015, the 4th Internatinal exhibition of the pharmaceutical industry Suppliers in North Africa.

Canaan exhibited LDZ1200 tumbler bin, which was sold to HUPP pharmaceutical in Constantine Algeria 2014. Also HUPP has purchased HDD1200 bin tumbler, NTD1200 lifter, QY5 bin washer, etc from Canaan.

As one of the most famous exhibition in Maghreb area, this expo expanded the Name of Canaan in North Africa pharmaceutical industry. During three-day exhibition, Canaan received more than one hundred visitors and dealers with fruitful achievements. The advanced Canaan bin internal and external polish has attracted broad and extensive attentions from the professionals of the industry.

Canaan Exhibited at Maghreb Pharma 2015 in Algiers, Algeria  

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