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  • NJP-400 Automatic capsule filling machine
  • NJP-400 Automatic capsule filling machine
NJP-400 Automatic capsule filling machine

NJP-400 Automatic capsule filling machine



    1.Pellet/granules filling device
    2.Auto empty capsule vacuum loader
    3.Auto powder transporter

    Type NJP-400 Auto Capsule Filling Machine is designed sophisticatedly by our factory (Initiate design in China). Itwas developedfor medium and small-scale, hospitals, clinics, and very flexible production requirements etc. And this kind of machine replace ofthe Semi-auto capsule filling machine and won a good reputation with our reliable quality and reasonable price in China and abroad.

    1.It has improved the inner design of turret, and imports 90 pcs beeline bearings for each machine from Japan directly, guaranteed the equipment precision and extended the "fe of machine (While some other manufacturers only use 40 pcs of beeline bearings, and the other 50 pcs equipped with copper cover; obviously it is easy to be destroyed and difficult to replace).

    2.It adopts three dimensional control elements; and takes the undersurface plane of dosage as base, so as to eliminate the natural transmutation of the dosing disc and copper saucer. It is uniformity in interval and guarantees the accurate of filling weight decreasing the phenomena of powder leak and easy to clean. It's the special design at domestic (Patent No. 20042006795X).

    3.The working station cam runs under the good lubricating condition, inceasing the pressure pulverization oil pump, main tains the inner lubrication of cam slot to a full extent, thus extends the operating life of change parts.

    4.It adopts capsule vacuum positioning mechanism to make the capsule qualified over 99%, the filling error is up to ± 3.5%. which is better than the national standard ± 5%.


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