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  • NJP-2300 Automatic capsule filling machine
  • NJP-2300 Automatic capsule filling machine
NJP-2300 Automatic capsule filling machine

NJP-2300 Automatic capsule filling machine


    NJP-2300C/D 全自动胶囊充填机



    1.Pellet/granules filling device

    2.Auto empty capsule vacuum loader

    3.Auto powder transporter


    Type NJP-2300 (Initiate design in our factory) Auto Capsule Filling Machine, it adopts the transmission systems from Ferguson's, has the following strongpoint; for maximum security, stability and low-noise in running, and with high efficiency, the whole machine appeared as Humanity, Automation, Stability, and Beautiful. According to CE, ISO and GMP international standard and Kaixinlong Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd is well-reputed in the field of Pharmaceutical Machinery Line in China and abroad. Our products have been sold to not only in China and also many other countries, such as U.S.A, Canada, Colombia, Norway, Spain, Philippines, etc.


    1.It adopts enlarged Cam, Kaixinlong has become the exclusive enterprise in China so far who matches the cam of RU125 to RU100, while other manufacturers in China use RulOO- RulOO), increasing the cost of our financing, while it enhances the stability of the machines and extends the life of the machines to a great extent.

    2.It has improved the inner design of turret and imports 90 pcs beeline bearings for each machine from Japan directly, guaranteed the equipment precision and extended the life of machine (While the normal models only use 40 pcs of beeline bearings, and the other 50 pcs equipped with copper cover; obviously it is easy to be destroyed and difficult to replace of).

    3.Enlarge the size of dosing Disc (Enlarged 3cm); increasing the powder flowing uniformity in the dosing disc, guaranteed the accurate of filling weight, and according to the in ternational standard

    4.It adopts three dimensional control elements; and takes the undersurface plane of dosing disc as base, so as to eliminate the natural transmutation of the dosing disc and copper saucer. It is uniformity in interval and guarantees the accurate filling weight, decreasing the phenomena of powder leak and easy to clean. It's the special design at domestic (Patent No. 20042006795X).

    5.Due to the innovation design of our factory; to enlarge the cam and the dosing disc, and the turret uses 90pcs of original bearings import from Japan directly, so the dimension of the whole machine is 9cm larger than the other similar products.

    6.Add the extra function of Capsule control switch. (Control the capsule outside of the machine: it's more safely and quickly.)

    7.Add the JOG control system, it's easier to operate and clean the machine.

    8.Additional function of blowing and suction of module, ensure clean dust in mould hole.

    9.Auto lubricating for the driving parts, all slots concave wheels and sprockets after 24 hours(real production time), and use stainless steel oil pan on the machine body, easy to clean.



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