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Canaan Technology Limited

Established in 2000 Zhejiang Canaan Technology Limited is the only A-share listed company in solid dosage equipment field in China who focuses on research and development, production and sales of pharmaceutical equipment. At present, Canaan has evolved into a leading pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer.

Canaan Manufacturing Research Institute

Canaan Research Institute of Pharmacy

CANAAN has 8 factories in China, our product exported to more than 90 countries. All our Machines have CE certificates and our company has passed ISO9001 quality management System. 

Our business scope involves:
  -Solid Dosage Production Line: Pre-treatment, High Shear Mixer, Roller Compactor, FBD, Blender, Tablet Press Machine, Coater,Capsule filling Machine,
Counting Line, Washing Machine, etc;
  -OEB4/5 Containment: Isolator, Granulation Line, Tablet Press Machine, Coater, Capsule filling Machine, Packing Line, etc.
  -R&D Series: Pre-treatment, High Shear Mixer, Roller Compactor, FBD, Blender, Tablet Press Machine, Coater, Capsule filling Machine, etc.
-API System: Filtration, Crystallization, Drying , etc.
-Packing Line: Blister Packing Machine, Cartoning Machine, etc.
-Extraction Line: Extraction&Concentration Series, Storage&Dispensing Series, etc.;
  -Water System: Purified Water generator, Multiple Effect Water Still, Pure Steam Generator, Storage&Distribution System, Process Preparation System,
Biological Preparation System, etc.;
  -Intelligent Warehousing/Sorting/Formulation/ Feeding System

We provide:
  - Turnkey Project
  - Integral Production Line Solutions
  - Conceptual&Detailed Design
  - Pharma Process/Formula Development
  - Validation and Qualification

Up to now, Canaan extends its business to different countries and areas like America, Canada, Italy, Japan and South Korea and receives a high admiration. Besides, it builds a long-term partnership with famous pharmaceutical enterprises such as HPGC, SINOPHARMA GSK, SANOFI, and CSPC. Canaan's equipment is being used in SANOFI's 9 global production bases.

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Over these years, Canaan “focuses on healthy value", advocates " love" and implements" one body, two wings" strategy. It commits to providing customers high-quality equipment, more comprehensive and more professional services; strive to be a world-class pharmaceutical equipment group.

About Us

Our achievements

High-tech Enterprise

Process Testing And Intelligent Process Equipment.

As the State Torch Plan Key High-tech Enterprise, Canaan focuses on R&D and innovation and has undertaken 16 provincial-level research projects such as the National Innovation Fund Project, National Key New Product Project and the State Torch Plan. Being awarded 260 national patents, containing more than 20 invention patents (including 2 American patents), Canaan also owns a provincial R&D institution and a national postdoctoral research station and has drawn up 7 industrial standards independently.

Canaan successively establishes "Canaan Manufacturing Research Institute" and "Canaan Research Institute of Pharmacy". Meanwhile, it found an advanced" industrial 4.0-intelligent laboratory”, aiming to offer customers one-stop service-medicine R&D, process testing and intelligent process equipment.

Subsidiary Companies


  • occupational health and safty management
  • environmental management
  • quality management
  • information technolgy service
  • secure system
  • Five Star After-sales Service Certificate
  • Letters Patent
  • Letters Patent
  • The industrialization of national torch plan
  • The industrialization of national torch plan
  • CE Certificate MD2000
  • CE Certificate ZL450
  • CE Certificate BGK150
  • CE Certificate LSH500
  • CE Certificate LG100
  • CE Certificate FG300
  • CE Certificate
  • CE Certificate
  • ISO14001:2004 Environment Management System Certification
  • ISO9001:2008 Quality Management Certification

Concept & Culture

"In Holly Bible, "Canaan" is the Promised Land to Jews given by God, where Jews flourish and become world's most successful merchants. Canaan is the place with fertile land and bumper harvest.Canaan, the land flowing with milk and honey, is blessed for us by God.Canaan's key value: "LOVE". Canaan's concept: "Canaan loves staff, staff love Canaan, Canaan loves consumer, consumer love Canaan, I love colleagues, and colleagues love me." Canaan is enterprise and school, a place of love, dedication and wealth.

Love staff, improve life for staff

Love enterprise, increase efficiency for enterprise.

Love consumer, create value for consumer.

Love society, create wealth for the society.

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